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A end to a fun journey.

And then i fell, and again...and again...

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Play, free a shape,repeat, play, free a shape, get my drift, Very enjoyable but would have appreaciated knowing how to high jump properly at the start, but oh well, made the trip a lot funnier! d like to see this concept made into a longer game.

Here's a tip. When making a game that requires extremely calculated platforming don't make it so that its basically impossible to move in midair and so that the floor behaves like ice at all times.

I know. This was a case of me making the whole game without having anyone test it. I suffer from "being far better at my own games than should be humanly possible," so this is an issue I have run into a couple times before. I often find my games' controls to be fine and fairly easy for me (probably because I know how the movement works in the code) and then realize after having someone else play that the controls are too convoluted and the movement feels all wrong. I finished this game last summer, and since then I have gotten much more experienced with designing controls that actually feel right. Thank you for the tip, though. It's definitely something I regret about this project

Here's a video from the awesome channel, Extra Credits. It talks about how it's dangerous to not listen to testers or straight up not having any. Remember it's important to have more than one view of your game. I hope you go on to create more awesome and more comfortable to play game.

I found the controls fairly accurate and easy too use. Other then figuring out VERY late that if you jump and tap jump at the same time you jump much higher(and i somehow made a power jump at one point that i could never reproduce), the controls were fine and fluid in most cases. I don't know what that guy is talking about. What would have been nice would have been controller input(if there was i didnt see it :/ )

Yeah, I had a hard time trying to make it clear to the player how to execute the high jump. Tried to explain it in the tutorial, but it was kind of a last minute addition. I was making this for a school-related competition, so that's why it seems a little unfinished in that respect and the lack of controller support. I watched your video; it was nice to see how someone reacted to the game. I am also interested in making a longer game out of this and expanding on some of the concepts, so stay tuned for whenever that happens!

Staying tuned