A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dark forces infest the land... Use your typing powers to defeat them!

Typey Boi The Game is a real-time typing-based-combat text adventure made for Ludum Dare 41, in which the theme was "Combine 2 Incompatible Genres."

Things I'm proud of in this game:

  •  Use of UI that actually scales properly
  • Good text input
  • Typing-based combat that's pretty fun
  • Art

Things that could've been better:

  • It's too short
  • Not enough variety in level design/enemies
  • Only left and right movement, not up or down
  • Not enough scenery to look at
  • Combat is still very basic

All controls are listed in-game.

I might continue working on this and make it into a full game.

Install instructions

Mac: Extract files and run app

Windows: Extract files, place all files in same directory, run exe

Linux: Extract files, place all files in same directory, run the correct executable depending on your computer's architecture


Typey Boi.app.zip 37 MB
Typey Boi (Windows).zip 32 MB
Typey Boi (Linux).zip 52 MB

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